Meet the Artist, Rowan Lynn Glaser 

Rowan Lynn GlaserAlthough I have always dabbled in art, I joined the Navy out of High School and worked as an Air Traffic Controller for 7 years. It was there that I realized that I preferred working with my hands more than my mind. So after my tour was complete, I returned to Minnesota and drove cab for a while. One day I said out loud, “hmmm…what career should I do next?” A disembodied voice said “auto body.” After the surprise wore off, I called the local technical college and indeed, the program was starting in one week. I signed up, and later graduated top of the class 4.0.

While at St. Paul TC, I also took classes in airbrushing, pin striping, design & layout, and anything else that I thought would further my career. I found that each new skill came easily to me, and the aspect of creating beauty filled me with joy. 

Since I had the auto body training as my foundation, I knew I wanted to take it to the next level so I started analyzing what makes a good paint job even better, and put that into practice.  I read books on other painters, like Jon Kosmoski, and incorporated their trade secrets into my list of procedures.  Then I started perfecting the artwork.  I learned that I have the patience to do even the most detailed of work, or repeat patterns endlessly without losing focus.  I learned about sacred geometry, and would use those principles for laying out my graphics and artwork.  And then…I discovered how to infuse emotion into the finished product.  How to make something technically perfect, into something extraordinarily beautiful. 

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